Our casements are great for moving air.  As such, the sash opens left or right to a maximum of 90 degrees.  The awning opens out from the bottom, so it is useful even when the weather is less than ideal.  Both of these windows achieve a great weather tight seal through a combination of our continuous compression weatherstrip and multi-point locks.  You will notice precision fit beefy profiles, and top quality materials.  Experience pure satisfaction every time you open and close our casement and awning windows.


Some notable features:

  • Maximum sash thickness for strength and durability (1-3/4’’ thick for double glazed, and 2-3/8’’ thick for triple glazed.  See ‘Options’.) 
  • Genuine solid Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar construction.
  • Available with our pre-finished aluminum clad exterior (see ‘Options’). 
  • Built to fit virtually any wall cavity or rough opening.
  • Heavy duty Truth hardware.