Active (.X.)- An operable or moving panel.

Argon (A)- A colourless gas injected into the airspace between glass panes of a sealed unit.  Typically used in conjunction with low ‘e’.

Awning (AV)- An operable window that opens outward from the bottom.

Brickmould (BM)- A term used loosely to describe the exterior trim board that surrounds a window or a door.  The correct term for this is “Casing”.

Brick Reveal Opening (BRO)- A measurement relating to the outside edge of casing, width by height, often surrounded by brick or another exterior finish.

Casement (CV)- An operable window that opens outward from the side.

Check Rail (CHK)- The horizontal bar created where the bottom rail of the upper sash interlocks with the upper rail of the lower sash within a shared window frame.

Fixed (F)- An inoperable window that includes a sash.  Used to create a balanced appearance with awning and casement windows.

Field Glaze (FG)- The installation of glass into a window or door outside of our manufacturing facility.

Glass Block (GB)- An open window frame supplied for glass block installation by others.

Insulated Mullion (IM)- A horizontal or vertical post between a window or door frame filled with insulating foam.

Lift and Glide (LG)- A sliding patio door system in which the active panel(s) lift up prior to sliding from side to side.

Low Emissivity (LE or low ‘e’)- An invisible coating on the number 2 or 3 surface of a double glazed sealed unit used primarily to improve the thermal performance.  (This coating is on the number 2 and the number 5 surface in a triple glazed sealed unit.)

Picture (P)- A simple window configuration consisting of an insulated glass unit set directly into the window frame.  There is no sash.

Rough Opening (RO)- The structural framed opening within the building envelope in which a window or door will be installed.

Rake (RK)- A window or door unit that includes at least one angle that is more or less than 90 degrees.

Round Top (RT)- A window or door with a true radius top jamb.

Single Hung (SH)- A window which consists of an upper and lower sash.  The lower sash is active (slides up and down).  The upper sash is fixed.  Also known as a modern day checkrail window.

Stationary (.O.)- A fixed or inoperable panel.

Storm Sash (ST)- The sash located in the outer plane of an old style wood checkrail window.

Tilt and Turn (TT)- European style window with one or more sash that tilt or swing inward.